Sunday, February 10, 2008

Searching for what?

In putting together the outline for my paper I continue to bump into this need to search for more... be it our searching our family roots, our search for a safer or better life, our search within ourselves for some completion. I have immigrated to Israel and here everyone seems to be or have been involved in this need to find out more about themselves, their place on earth or their understanding of it. I know that not all people seek these things. Why is that? So, I am looking at the lives of the Carvajals, El Mozo and El Viejo y Las Senoras, and of my ancestors through that context or lens. And I want to talk about what it is to immigrate, to leave a known world, comfortable or not, to seek something better. The question of "should we stay or should we go" reveals a lot about the people, the crypto-jews, we are studying.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Crypto-Jews: An Oppositional Subculture in Colonial Mexico

Comments That We Have Received

We have been receiving several comments regarding our symposium. Below are a few. We'd love to hear more feedback from our online visitors.

"What an exciting conference! I'm looking forward to attending all of these sessions."

"At age 70 I am wanting to settle my curiosity about my mother's family and the Jewish faith. She seemed to have a deep rooted facination with the Jewish faith that I've been curious about since learning of a gathering of Crypto Jews in San Antonio several years ago. Many of the little Jewish traditions I read about were practiced in our family - possibly nothing more than traditions from our German heritage. My mother's family migrated to Texas in the early 1800s, her mother and father spoke their native language until their deaths in the nineteen fifties. I could barely understand them and couldn't talk to them about their heritage. We, as a family, were looked down upon because of our heritage during my childhood in the forties because of Hitler. It was a very hard time, so much so that I'm just beginning to wonder about my family roots."

"Simply thanks for hosting this symposium, the stories need to be told."

"...I am a descendant of Crypto_Jews; maternal &paternal. I have written several articles that have been published....Planning to devote time researching the Texas Borderlands for the remnants of the Crypto-Jews that came to the North of Mexico after the Mex Inquisition. Zaragosa, Coahuila and Del Rio and communities in between have several families that claim their Jewish ancestary and I want to conduct verbal research. I am very acquainted with Stanley Hordes. He is my mentor!"

"I have written and lectured about the life of Luis de Carvajal, el mozo, and family for the last 15 years. I am interested in attending all lectures. Many thanks. "

"This topic is of great interest to me. Let me know of future conferences..."

"This is a wonderful opportunity. I'm very pleasantly surprised that Texas A&M has taken the lead in this very important subject. The dates are a bit of a challenge because it is right before Passover. However, I'm very much looking forward"